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some recent projects

The G.S. Haly Company

my role in this project: developer and consultant
  • statically-generated, offline-capable website
  • rich, interactive history timeline
  • easy real-time inventory updates through custom back-end spreadsheet interface
  • searchable, filterable inventory with leade-generating quote request system

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Line & Form

Line & Form Business Card (front side)
Line & Form Business Card (back side)
my role in this project: designer
  • logo design
  • business cards and stationary

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details about who I am and what I do

Integris Web, LLC is the business of web freelancer Ben Forshey. I design and build with your team or as your team.

Although I just said fast, I’m really espousing multiple tenets of user-focused design with this one category. I strive to build unexpectedly delightful experiences for your customers, not only as a personal expression of craftsmanship, but because I believe that their benefit will be your profit. Speed is definitely an essential ingredient to your customer’s good experience.
The most fragile part of delivering something of business value on the web is the internet connection. Slow networks, latency, and poor cell phone signal undermine a consistently fast user experience. Offline-capable (or offline-first) websites are the answer. Anytime you visit my site will load quickly (even when you’re offline). I can build that into your project as well.
Websites and Webapps
If you want to build a customer-facing website, a subscription-based webapp, or a webservice, I can help. In a typical project I reach for JavaScript-based libraries and frameworks, while still falling back to the durable functionality that HTML and HTTP protocols deliver.

Everyone can get better. What do you think that I could have done differently to better support the team?

Short of doing my job for me, I don’t know what else you could have done. You were invaluable to the project not only for building, programming, providing solutions and inputing content, but keeping the process organized and on-track. Overall experience: ★★★★★ Rick Miller Owner of Rick Miller Design

I offer full-stack design and development services: I can and your next project.

Ideate → prototype → test. I rinse & repeat until the project is ready to succeed in its market. If this project is only graphic design, I turn it over to you.
I write two kinds of code: the code with which your customers will directly interact (the front-end code) and the code that performs all the behind-the-scenes work (the back-end code). For either type, I’ll turn the prototype into a functioning project. After rounds of itereative testing and improvement, you’ll have a product thoroughly proven and ready to succeed.
I host securely and deliver content fast through a global network, so that your customers get a fast, secure experience no matter where they are.
Whether you need some quick social media advertising, detailed website analytics, or want to launch a year-long email marketing campaign, I can help. We’ll talk strategy, set goals, and measure results.

Hiring contractors isn’t cheap. What business value did I generate for you that makes this decision worthwhile?

The service was fantastic, and our organization is more than happy with the design and plan to use it for future fundraising efforts and gift shop items for our historic town’s museum. Overall experience: ★★★★★ Hosanna Blanchard Milton Preservation and Beautification Society, Inc.

If you are considering a and would like consultancy, I can provide customized assessments and recommendations to get you from here to there.

Digital Transition
By this I mean any change that involves web technologies. Maybe you want to upgrade your ecommerce system and want solid advice that takes into factor your budget, timeline, and existing inventory. Perhaps you just want to discuss what it might be like to update your website. Anything goes, really.
Formal or Informal
Sometimes it just takes a few conference calls to make a well-informed decision. Other times you’ll need a written report that stands as an enduring reference to guide you through your transition.

Was there anything in particular about the quality of my work that stuck out to you?

There is a very clear level of confidence in your work-flow which is noticeable and comforting from a customer perspective. Your ability to gain immediate credibility through your communication style and attentiveness is both reassuring and motivational. Overall experience: ★★★★★ Mo Sardella Marketing Director for The G.S. Haly Company


looking forward to chatting

If you’d like to discuss your next project, chat about your business objectives, or just say “hi”, you can reach me here:

The websites / webapps I’ve worked on have taken me from one to fifteen weeks. I estimate this type of work at a weekly rate unless you have a recurring project.

Graphic design and advertising are estimated at an hourly rate, unless you have a recurring project.

All of my hosting is globally fast and secure—you can see for yourself. I offer add-on services such as targeted analytics, maintenance packages, and email addresses to match your domain. I charge a monthly rate but offer a yearly discount for hosting.